Review Article

Nano-formulations for Ophthalmic Treatments

Mahima John and Rajesh N Gacche*

Published: 29 December, 2017 | Volume 1 - Issue 1 | Pages: 028-035

Ocular disorders encompass a multitude of diseases that are unique in their cause, therapy and degree of severity. Due to distinctive morphology of the eye, efficient ocular drug delivery has proven to be a difficult task. Current treatments of ophthalmological diseases include the usage of both intrusive as well as nonintrusive methods such as injections, eye drops, ointments, gels etc. The current state of the art drug delivery methods are associated with low bioavailability and therefore nanotechnology based drug delivery approached are evolving as for improving the therapeutic index of currently used drugs against variety of ocular disorders. This review highlights the recent developments in nano-formulations for ophthalmic treatment and also offers discussions towards the future prospectus of nano-formulations in the mainstream of ophthalmic diseases.

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Ocular Disorders; Drug Delivery; Polymers; Nanotechnology; Nano- formulations; Nano-carriers


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