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Cardioprotective Potentials of Anacardium occidentale Nuts Methanolic Extract in Diabetes-Induced Cardiac Dysfunction in Rats

Folasade Omobolanle Ajao*, Noheem Olaoluwa Kalejaiye, Marcus Olaoye Iyedupe, Sunday Abiodun, Joy Gbadero, Pelumi Ogundele, Zainab Adeagbo, Oluwatosin Ojolo, Enitan Shonde and Funmilayo Elizabeth Olaleye

Published: 15 May, 2024 | Volume 8 - Issue 1 | Pages: 056-066

Background: The unwanted adverse toxicity displayed by synthetic antidiabetic medicine leads to the search for effective natural medicine to combat diabetes complications. This study investigated the cardioprotective of Anacardium occidentale nuts methanolic in high-fat diet (HFD)/streptozotocin (STZ)-induced diabetic rats.
Materials and methods: Forty male adult Wistar were used and fed with HFD for 6 weeks before diabetes induction. The rats were grouped into 5 groups, 8 rats/group. Group I: normal control; Group II: diabetic control; Group III & IV: diabetic rats + 100 mg/kgb.wt & 200 mg/kgb.wt Anacardium occidentale nuts methanolic extract; Group V: diabetic rats + 200 mg/kgb.wt metformin. The rats were sacrificed on the experiment’s last day, blood samples were collected and the hearts were isolated for biochemical parameters estimation.
Results: Food intake, water intake, plasmas insulin, Fasting Blood Glucose (FBG), glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1c), cardiac enzymes, lipid profile, inflammatory cytokines, malondialdehyde, fibrotic marker, caspase-3 in cardiac of diabetic rats were elevated (p < 0.05) significantly. Body weight, cardiac antioxidant, and anti-apoptotic marker levels diminished (p < 0.05) significantly in diabetic rats. 100 mg/kgb.wt & 200 mg/kgb.wt of Anacardium occidentale nuts methanolic extract administration significantly suppressed the plasma insulin, FBG, HbA1c, cardiac lipid profile, cardiac enzymes biomarker, cardiac inflammatory cytokines, cardiac malondialdehyde, cardiac fibrotic marker, cardiac caspase-3, food intake & water intake and increased the body weight, cardiac antioxidant & cardiac anti-apoptotic marker in the diabetic rats.
Conclusion: Anacardium occidentale nuts attenuate cardiac injury in diabetes. It could be a natural medicine to manage diabetes-cardiovascular complications.

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Anacardium occidentale nuts; Diabetes mellitus; Oxidative stress & inflammation; Cardiac enzymes & lipid profile; Cardiac apoptosis


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  • Therapy of Walker Carcinosarcoma with Pectin and Cyclophosphane
    NY Alimzhanov, ISh Chakeev, BN Lepshin, IO Kudaibergenova, BA Shaimurzayeva, LV Serikova and Sh Jorobekova* NY Alimzhanov, ISh Chakeev, BN Lepshin, IO Kudaibergenova, BA Shaimurzayeva, LV Serikova, Sh Jorobekova*. Therapy of Walker Carcinosarcoma with Pectin and Cyclophosphane. J Radiol Oncol. 2023: doi: 10.29328/journal.jro.1001056; 7: 066-070
  • Acute Inflammatory Reaction After Radiotherapy to Bilateral Orbital Metastasis from Melanoma
    Christopher J Issa, Batoul Nasser*, Batoul Mazraani, Kevin T Eid, Bailey Loving and Thomas J Quinn and Muayad F Almahariq Christopher J Issa, Batoul Nasser*, Batoul Mazraani, Kevin T Eid, Bailey Loving, Thomas J Quinn and Muayad F Almahariq. Acute Inflammatory Reaction After Radiotherapy to Bilateral Orbital Metastasis from Melanoma. J Radiol Oncol. 2023: doi: 10.29328/journal.jro.1001054; 7: 056-057

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